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Simone Arnol & Djunngaal Elders

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"Shimmer" Powerful shimmering silver fabric with a foundation for practical wear but still keeping to a modern, stylish and classy feel adorned with Djunngaal Elders Group of Yarrabah and their native seed body works.

We have always felt the power of the moon. We have felt the power of the moon as it stole the power of the sun during the many eclipses.  It is this revered connection and relationship to water that provides inspiration to “Shimmer.” The reflections of the moonlight over the water emulates the need to reflect and to sustain ourselves culturally, environmentally, and most importantly physically. In its earliest, meanings were ultimately spiritual, if not purely sacred, largely because it was unattainable and the distance insurmountable. Our Ancestors having performed ceremony under 780,000 full moons. It has acted as a ‘mirror’ to our cultural beliefs, understanding and ways of seeing. Over the centuries, the moon has been interpreted through our story and our calendar as a stringent timekeeper with its shimmer acting as a welcoming path to our Ancestors. Water runs as if to meet the Moon.

Studio Photography: Photo Corner

Location Photography: Lovegreen Photography

Designer: Simone Arnol

“Keeping it grass roots while respecting the Elders, the keepers of knowledge.” Descending from the Gunggandji Peoples through her father and her mother of Sicilian heritage, she uses this strong connection to family and country as a foundation for all of her works. Inspired by the many Elders, children and all the Traditional Owners that has been a part of her life through her working career in Indigenous Law and Native Title, she continues to experiment and progress through different mediums with each piece keeping within cultural and mainstream sustainability.

Simone’s fabrics & textiles show a continued practice of traditional dyeing methods to produce the colours in her fabric using recycled materials. This method of traditional dyeing is a process which educates and may be passed onto the next generation. The indigenous models that wear Simone’s designs are taught these processes, so when you wear Simone’s designs you are getting a cultural education.

More recent years have seen her work within Fashion Curation, Events and Design. She has been showcasing at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair’s Fashion Performance for the last 5 years and co-curated this premier event for the last 3 years. Simone was the first Indigenous Designer at The Australian Eco Fashion Week in Perth, 2017. As seen in all of her past collections, Simone combines class, unique & modern designs with powerful narratives to convey true messages of her history and her people.

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